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Grace Garne

Grace Garne has been teaching fitness since 1984, and has been a personal trainer since 1989. She has certifications in personal training from ACE, AFFA, NASM, APEX, and the Health and Fitness Institute of California State University of Hayward, certifications in Aerobics from ACE, AFFA, and the Heath and Fitness Institute, certifications in weight training from the Heath and Fitness Institute, is certified in Pilates, advanced Pilates, standing Pilates, and Pilates matwork by the Physicalmind® Institute and Integrated Teacher Training, and is a certified Power Pacing and Precision Cycle group-cycle instructor. She is in the process adding the practice of the Nemerov Method of Applied Motor Control muscle function rehabilitation and the Franklin Method of dynamic movement integration to her skill set.

Her other fitness background includes: twenty years of modern dance as well as; Aikido, kick-boxing, Chi Quong, mountain biking, and extreme skating. Grace was one of the first instructors in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer the following: Step (all levels), Step in Balance (using Pilates principles), Slideboard, Interval formatted classes with plyometrics, Abs classes based on Pilates mat work, Reebok SportsCore®, and the following formats for physio-ball: Pilates mat work, and functional strength training.

Presentations Grace has made include: "Postural Misalignment as Repetitive Injury" at Miles Laboratories, "Biomechanics in the Workplace" at PG&E, "Integration of Core and Functional Training Modes into Established Programming" at Personal Fitness Institute of Marin, and "Fitness Mini-breaks" at AT&T. Grace is co-developer, producer, and choreographer of the back-care software "Biobalance", and hosts the website: which provides online consulting for those interested in Pilates and rehabilative conditioning